SVU2 Day 9*

(*It wasn’t a full day for me, but it was for the crew so I guess I can call it Day 9.)

Tuesday Day 9 was made necessary because of a previous issue unrelated to my episode, as written about earlier. I had to direct three scenes to complete my episode. So we started out in Foley Square which is the park area in front of the Federal Courthouse and State Courthouse.

And yes, it was cold. But ultimately short, so we went inside a nearby courthouse that has been used by the Law & Order world for the better part of 30 years for some scenes that take place within the criminal justice system but aren’t shot on the stages.

I had two final scenes to shoot there, and then that was it. The finish to production for me was anticlimactic, as compared to the previous episode. This time I finished, everyone applauded and hugged – same as last time – but then they all went back to work on the next scene while I grabbed my coat and bag and was whisked away as Jean de Segonzac, director of the next episode, took over.

That’s the way it goes in television production. The show must go on – they’re on to the next one.

And, as it turns out, editor Leon Ortiz-Gil already cut the episode together! The editors are really incredible at their jobs, just as everyone else on this show. I saw their cut today, gave my notes and now we begin post production in earnest and see the various ways in which this episode will be shaped. On to the next one!


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