Next Season’s Slate

Hello, eight readers! (I am so bold to believe that I now have a total of eight.)

I’m trying to finish up a short rewrite on a feature script, so that’s been occupying my time. But it’s also hiring season for television directing now that the fall slates have been set by the networks. So it’s been busy for agents and producers and the like getting clients jobs for the fall.

It looks like I’m going to be directing seven (!) episodes next season of six shows. Of those six shows, two of them are new to me so those will be fun new challenges.

Here they are, in approximate order I’m directing them with interesting factoids below:

Criminal Mindscriminal-minds (1)Criminal Minds survived having to fire Thomas Gibson who had been with the show since the beginning. You may recall that I happened to be directing last year when that all was going down behind the scenes (the alleged incident occurred before I got there). I’m directing the fourth episode in Season 13 (13!) like I did last year for Season 12.

Once Upon a Time600348973_257d52a7-35ef-4673-baac-5f0dd7e77646-7555.jpgOnce Upon a Time is undergoing a creative reboot. Nearly the entire cast is gone after a cataclysmic ending to Season 6 last year. Thankfully, at least I’m returning. I’m excited to be a part of the new version –  it’ll be like being on a new show – and it’ll be fun to see what stories they choose to tell and how they tell them.

Scandal21voC67L5SGwytN2AqCaEmtaTrxThis is going to be the final season of Scandal, as decided by its creator and my four-time boss Shonda Rhimes (Two ScandalsHow to Get Away with Murder and The Catch). It’s going to be incredibly sad saying goodbye to that incredible cast and crew. I owe a lot to this team and to Shondaland to help send my TV directing into a higher orbit. This will be my third (and final of course) episode of the show, the most of any I’ve worked on.

Designated Survivor (for two episodes!)Designated-Survivor-Key-Art-designated-survivor-39619235-1898-1068.4c80cb2fee554478acf395f0947d9785I can’t believe they’re bringing me back for two episodes! One in the late fall and one early next year. Will be exciting to see what direction the second season takes.

MacGyvernew-mac-paperclipFirst time directing this show, a reboot of the old classic.

Quanticoquantico.jpgPriyanka Chopra is a mega Bollywood star, and the first such star to also be the lead actor in an American TV show. I believe I’m the first person of Indian descent who will be directing her in Quantico. That’s simply an interesting factoid.

Not bad to have a full slate and it’s not even June! So incredibly grateful.

The only show I worked on in 2016-17 that is not returning to air is The Catch. It’s really disappointing – it was a fun show and an absolute joy to work on. I was looking forward to returning to work with that great cast and a DP who was my age (first time that’s been true on a TV show). So it goes.

But I’m grateful to be invited back on so many shows and to have a couple new ones. My work will take me from LA to Vancouver to Toronto to Atlanta to New York between August and the end of March. More updates, cryptic and otherwise, when the season begins in August.


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