We’ve been spending long hours in the editing room on the Visual Law Project Year 2 film. (Just been calling it that because the name is still to be determined… but we’re getting closer on choosing one.) Also talked with various animators, colorists and co-collaborators who will bring their talents to the film once we have it finished sometime, oh, I don’t know, soonish.

I say “soonish” because things keep coming up that make strong cases for us to push back the actual completion date. For example, this past weekend, we were given two more names of former inmates who we could possibly interview for the film. We said a few weeks back that we’re done with production and it’s full steam ahead on post to finish by the end of the school year.

After a phone interview and conversation, which we recorded (with his consent of course), we decided we had to at least take a small two-person crew (Valarie and I) to go to Hartford and film him on the fly with plans for a more formal sit down interview with him and the crew next week.

This man has been out of the supermax prison and into the world for only the past 2 weeks! An incredibly sweet and well-mannered guy, he told us the astounding circumstances and stories of his life. A remarkably resilient human, he seemed caught half way between an inspiring life story and a tragic one – depending on where things go from here.

Afterwards, we were getting lunch and I asked him if he’s “optimistic.” He responded, “What’s that?”

But not in a glib, ironic way. He truly didn’t know the meaning of the word. It was said in passing, without gravity, in a casual conversation. But thinking about it now, that one brief exchange told me a lot about him and about this film.

Now back to the editing cave and transferring today’s footage of him.


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